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About Us

Fortune Group Foods and Tourism Ltd. Inc., producers of fortune cookies and other foodstuffs, is a bold new company, founded by a unique trio of Istanbulites: an American and a Turk. Carrying the brand name of FORFUN Fortune Cookies, this pioneering company produces these specialty cookies locally, right here in Turkey using Turkish ingredients and packaging materials—a first in Turkey!

We use an imported, fully automatated Fortune Cookie Machine and our expert staff work under ideal hygienic conditions, following American production and service standards.

Our unique work ethic combining vibrancy, creativity and professionalism ensures that each cookie, packaging and timely distribution happily meet the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to a fundamental policy of honest work and excellent service.

Contact Us

You can reach us by mail or phone to get detailed information or place orders.

Phone Numbers:  (0 212) 291 53 34 - (0 542) 217 18 74



What are the Fortune Cookies?

FORFUN Fortune Cookies are a crisp, delicious cookie made from flour, sugar, butter, and egg. These cookies are ‘moon-shaped’ and come with a "fortune" written on a small slip of paper folded inside. The "fortunes" inside the cookie offer a whole variety of words of wisdom, advice, general prophecies, funny sayings, topical quotes, and other expressions. These special messages also include a list of lucky numbers which can be used in many ways—especially as lottery numbers!



Our ‘fortune’ are available in Turkish and/or English. Typically they will come with a general mix of quotes, predictions, expressions, and advice covering a range of topics.

Crack! Look! Eat!

Some of you may never have eaten fortune cookies before. How do you do it? Simply crack the cookie open and pull out the slip of paper. Then enjoy eating your delicious cookie while you read your special fortune.


All FORFUN Fortune Cookies cookies are made in Turkey with Turkish ingredients.

Fortunes are made in our factory with safe vegetable ink printed on our own machines.